Clever anti-racist t-Shirt

August 15, 2011 – Maciej Baron

Neo-Nazis in Germany were given free T-shirts at a recent right-wing extremist music concert. The black shirt had a skulls and bones logo and a slogan which said “Hardcore Rebels: National and Free”. However after one wash the t-shirt revealed a secret message.

Neo-nazi secret t-shirt title=

“If your T–shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help free you from right-wing extremism.” These “Trojan shirts” (T-shirts for short, hee hee…) were prepared and distributed by Exit Deutschland, a group which helps people to get out of Neo-nazi groups in Germany. The secret message also contained a weblink to Exit’s page where you can get more information and help. A creative use of “traditional technology”.

A very similar campaign created by environmentalists used a similar idea by embedding secret messages in posters which got uncovered by the rain – “Oil Spill Affects Everyone”. The rainfall also created an “oil spill” effect by mixing water with the water-soluble ink.

You might also remember the Footprint poster that we have mentioned some time ago.


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